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X9 Follow Me in Los Angeles

X9 Follow Me in Los Angeles

X9 Follow Me in Los Angeles

Golfing is a great outdoor sport that can be enjoyed alone or in groups. Men and women have been enjoying the sports for centuries, all over the world. As technology advances, so do sports. Many years ago, it was common to carry your bag or hire a caddy to carry your bag. However, today’s new technology allows for remote driven electronic trolleys.

Golf Sellers Direct offers some top of the line trolleys. The X9 Follow Motorized Golf Cart by Stewart is a system you can check out at your convenience. Contact us at 800-337-7692 or fill out the form on this page and we can supply you with more details.

The Perfect Motorized Golf Trolley for you

The X9 Follow is exactly that – a system that follows and has a built-in Bluetooth electronic system. The X9 comes equipped with a neutral and active zone. The trolley will stay stationary when inside the neutral zone. If the handset goes into the active zone, the trolley will follow.

There are easy to follow instructions for each electronic caddy. Our newest golfers find our systems user friendly too. Our X9 Follow Trolley comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, rechargeable lithium handset, downhill braking and more. We, at Golf Sellers Direct want you to love your new caddy. We offer a 24 month warranty too.

Our 30 day return policy will ease your mind in purchasing. As long as items are returned – unused and in the original packaging, we will inspect the product and then refund the purchase price minus credit card fees and shipping & handling.

Focus on the Golf, Not Carrying Your Clubs

Golf is a wonderful sport to partake in. Don’t focus on hiring a caddy or having to carry your own bag, buy an X9 Follow and let your bag follow you.

Call Golf Sellers Direct at 800-337-7692 or fill out the form on this page and an electronic caddy expert will reach out to you.

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