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F/X Series Wheel Set



If you have a X3R or older trolley please check the box for the conversion kit as this is required to fit the latest V3 wheel set. This new set of wheels uses a new manufacturing process which provides a durable non-metallic finish, and is used on all current production models.

Stewart Golf engineers worked in conjunction with specialist manufacturer Hedgehog to create a set of 4 wheels that would both reduce the weight and further improve the performance of both the X9 Follow, X9 Remote and F1 Lithium trolleys.

The weight of the V3 wheel set has reduced dramatically by 30% from the previous model. This reduces the energy required to accelerate the wheel, and also the energy required to drive the trolley once in motion. The effect of this is a reduction in battery consumption which ultimately leads to more holes per charge.

Combine these efficiency gains with the greater traction & stability generated by the flatter profile, lateral tread design and tire material, and the V3 wheels represent a significant leap forward in performance.

The quick release mechanism allows ‘one handed’ removal, with just one moving part. The front wheels are designed to match the rears, made from a material which slides laterally over the grass when you steer your X Series trolley.

Are the wheels easy to fit?
Rear wheels can be fitted easily using the quick release mechanism. The front wheels require a Torx / Allen Key and a pair of circlip pliers. The V3 wheels can not be fitted to the X1.

A competent engineer will be able to fit the front wheels. If you are not comfortable with this task then we are able to provide this service within the UK. There is a £34.50 (If you still have your box, if not £54.50) fee to cover the cost of transportation back to the factory and then return shipping to you.

The conversion kit The conversion kit consists of replacement drive dogs for the rear wheels of the unit. Existing X3R trolleys come with a 2 tang drive dog which is not strong enough to support the motion of the new wheels. These will need to be replaced with the 4 tang drive dogs which will hold the wheels firmly in place. Please see the video below for instructions on how to replace the drive dogs.